Welcome to Box 4 Equestrians, an online store for equestrians offering a variety of unique and innovative products for horse and rider. Here you will be able to create your own customizable box to treat yourself, your horse and/or the both of you. B4E is constantly on the look out of for new exciting brands and products too include and we package them with extra attention to detail.

Lots of love, The B4E team



Choose a selection of products from a variety of equestrian companies


We package the chosen goodies for your horse and/or yourself


Your personally curated box will be on its way to you




Do I need to subscribe?

No, Box 4 Equestrians isn’t a subscription box but an online boutique for horse and rider! The subscribe button at the top of our site takes you to our newsletter where can leave your e-mail in order to stay up-to-date on the newest product additions and promotions.

How often will new products be added? Will older ones always stay?

New products will be added as they are discovered. Older products will stay until they are sold out.

Will our product choices affect the overall price?

Yes, shopping on our website is like shopping on any other e-commerce website. Each product is price individually and the total cost will be the total of the individually priced products in your cart at checkout.

How do you curate the items for each seasons box?

We are constantly researching, partnering up with and talking to super cool equestrian brands in order to make sure we are including unique quality products based off of each season.


Treat yourself and your unicorn(s), stay tuned for new product launches.

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