Purvida Original Leave-In Conditioning Spray

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Purvida Original Leave-In Conditioning Spray

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Made with no harsh chemicals or perfumes, Purvida’s original conditioning spray will leave your equine buddy soft, shiny & smelling great! A few of the ingredients and their benefits are;

• Coconut oil: helps nurture and moisturize skin while allowing you to effortlessly brush away dirt and dandruff to keep your horses coat clean and shiny

• Vegetable glycerin: is a naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial agent and prevents skin irritations

• Witch hazel: naturally tones skin and speeds up the healing process of minor scrapes

Each conditioning spray added to your box will come as 2oz. bottle of concentrate and a 16 oz. empty Purvida Healthy Horse spray bottle. Simply pour the bottle of concentrate into the spray bottle, fill with water to the maximum, shake, and enjoy! Use daily to keep your horses skin moisturized, clean and protected.

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